Georg Meyer      
min(dist(idea, action))

Are you looking for a ...?

Sparring Partner

Someone to challenge and refine ideas until we find a concise, elegant, and actionable formulation.


Someone to inspire by bringing ideas from different domains together to uncover new insights.


Sometimes, you need an artifact, a first working example before you see how to move ahead with an idea.

If so, let's talk .
Georg Meyer, executive pose Georg Meyer, speaking Georg Meyer, hiking Georg Meyer, sparring on a podcast Georg Meyer, herding cows Georg Meyer, speaking (up close) Georg Meyer, in the mountains


I have experienced opposite ends of several spectrums:
  • from CIO of a publicly traded company to one-man show
  • from business application coder to management consultant
  • from forklift driver to warehouse designer
  • from academic to practioner
  • from citizen to (local) politician
I have worked in energy, finance, health, retail, and manufacturing; and I have survived in organizations that are sensitive to political correctness and thrived in environments with authenticity and candor.


  • Catalyze: reduce the energy needed to go from idea to action (by providing the right inspiration and tools)
  • Code: express ideas in concise ways so that machines understand them
  • Craft: forge and apply the right tools and messages to make something happen
  • Ignite: don't wait for a burning platform to bring about change, set the fire; leap when you're 80% ready
  • Macrophage ("big eater"): savor good ideas (and good food), clean up the environment to allow for effective future action
  • Message: express ideas in concise ways so that humans understand them
  • Pioneer: show that something new can be done, or something existing can be done in a new, more elegant way, pave the way, replant the garden
  • Synthesize: take knowledge and ideas from different domains and combine them in novel and elegant ways

Talks and key notes

  • Subtraction: the power of doing less
  • Organizations need an immune system
  • Casting out Legion - dealing with the demons of the digital age
  • The nature of money
  • Down with complexity!
  • Why beauty matters in IT
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain: from virtual money to the โ€œworld computer"
  • Risk management in a world full of (not always pleasant) surprises
  • Organizations of the future: beyond the top-down hierarchy
  • ... and others tailored to your needs and context

Find some of my recent thoughts and work here...